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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your chosen method of backup and recovery can make or break an organization should the worst happen and to plan for such an event is time consuming and expensive.  Failure of ICT facilities can have a huge impact on productivity in the workplace.  Ask yourself, “How long does it take to restore a server”, “when was it last tested and what is my plan?”  If you have the time to read what the government say your plan should be click here, if you don’t, please read on.

Various studies have shown that many organisations, in the event of a disaster, are not able to be fully operational within the “Recovery Time Objective” i.e. it takes too long to recover from a disaster which can then result in the loss of business or in some cases be catastrophic and close a business down.  The assumption is that Disaster Recovery plans are expensive; however Companies without such plans almost always fail.

Did you know that 43% of organisations without a backup solution, who have suffered  a comprehensive corporate data loss cease the business immediately and 29% close their doors  within two years?

Server Replacement

Due to cost constraints, many organisations fail to make the necessary investments in server/hardware replacement.  Hardware manufacturers also state their products are more durable and have a longer life, however with the additional software and installation necessary to update new hardware, the total amount of investment required can be much higher.

The continued use of existing hardware also has its drawbacks, warranties expire and the risk of hardware failure increases. This puts the business under pressure and unprecedented damage can even lead to bankruptcy.

Backup & Disaster Recovery prevents downtime as every 5 minutes can provide full system backups and restores to your server within minutes. Does this appeal to you? Then read on!

Potential hazards

  • Data Loss of emails and documents
  • Full server crash
  • Fire, storm or natural damage
  • Theft
  • Failed and / or incomplete backups

What do we provide?

  • Full system backups every 5 minutes
  • Quick and reliable system recovery
  • Replication to the “Cloud”
  • Fall back Server in 15 minutes
  • Monitor the entire backup process

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) avoids downtime. Every five minutes full system backups can be run (Windows and Linux) and the entire backup process is managed by Mitol PerfectBackup from beginning to end. In case of an emergency, we automatically start the recovery process, enabling you to focus on the core business.

With a Backup & Disaster Recovery Server installed, backups are made ​​every five minutes and copied to our “Cloud”  location. This then replicates your data to separate geographical locations.

Physical and virtual server(s) can be recovered quickly and easily. If there is a server crash we can restore entire systems within minutes to original, alternative or virtual hardware.

In the event something goes wrong with your server (s), the Backup & Disaster Recovery server is a fallback system. By making use of the latest technologies, we are able to recover an entire system within 15 minutes so your business is totally secure and operational.

We also offer the possibility to leave a virtual copy of your production server (s) on “standby” and test them on a regular basis. Are you convinced of our service and would like more information? Please contact us.

Backup & Disaster Recovery is already available from  £129.95 per server and  £64.95 per workstation per month. However, our solution is customised to meet your business requirements.

We offer a free analysis providing you with practical and clear advice, ensuring you have a customised solution and within your budget provision. If you are interested, we can start the Business Continuity Range today and together make a plan of action (PoA) for your organisation to have a full Backup & Disaster Recovery solution.

What would you say if such a solution starting at £129.95 and £64.95 per server per workstation / month is available? Interesting? Look no further and contact us!

Advantages of Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Minimise downtime, increase business
  • Data secured at two locations
  • Data not older than 15 minutes
  • Restore to original, alternative or virtual hardware
  • Less network load and storage by data de-duplication
  • Complete recovery of servers / workstations in minutes
  • Competitive monthly prises without unexpected costs

Mitol PerfectBackup BDR, guaranteed success!

Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Manager DR Plan agreed and easily implemented.



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