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Welcome to the next generation of data management. BDR technology is the next evolutionary step that fuels data backup, protection, sharing, and restoration. Combining variable-length block-level global de-duplication technology with a powerful proprietary file system to provide instantaneous granular any-point-in-time restores and dramatically reduced storage.  What does this mean to you? It means that BDR technology will reduce your storage fees, and make your restores faster, more secure and easier.

Flexible Cloud Replication Options

You can optionally replicate your data backups across multiple cloud environments – your data center, your public cloud account or to our cloud – or any combination.  Pick the deployment that best meets your needs.

50-80% less storage fees

BDR uses Variable Length Block-Level De-duplication that results in dramatically less storage than our competitors.  The de-duplication engine intelligently fixes the block boundaries based on the context of the data and processes changes in such a way that the boundaries are always modified in tune with the changes.  Each full or incremental backup can be accomplished with 50% or less storage, and over time, the savings keep stacking up.

Instantly mount, boot, restore in any format

All backed-up images are stored at a block level after de-duplication, regardless of whether the source was a Windows Server image or a VMWare host or a HyperV host.  As a result, any of the backed up server images are available in all the formats (VMDK, VHD, VHDX, or even a RAW image). For example, using VFS, a physical Windows Server image can be restored on an ESXi Server or vice-versa, instantaneously!  You can even instantly boot, mount and restore fully compressed, de-duplicated and encrypted backups.  The secret sauce is the intelligent metadata management for every backup to support a wide range of use cases during restores.

De-duplication Handled Better

We use Variable Length Block-Level De-duplication, which means that only blocks that have changed since a previous backup are stored resulting in a huge storage reduction. In combination with VFS, this facilitates a target based global de-duplication mechanism at the destination end of the backup process. All the data processing for this occurs on the backup server itself rather than compete for computational resources on the client computers. Crucially, our data de-duplication system allows multiple streams of data ingested from different clients to be sent into a common shared pool of blocks.

No more sweating over Retention Policies

There is no need for periodic full backups.  Every incremental is virtually available as a full backup and is a self-sufficient, while taking a fraction of the storage.  There is no backup chain to traverse for merging incremental backups or any risk of corruption from accidental deletions.  Any desired point-in-time recovery is a single step and occurs instantaneously.  One retention policy to meet all your needs. Its that simple.

BDR is a comprehensive data protection solution designed for MSPs and IT Managers of Small and Medium Businesses.  It combines simplicity with advanced disk image technology for your data protection and disaster recovery needs.  BDR is your one-stop solution

File or Disk Image backups Physical or Virtual Windows or LINUX Replicated to your cloud or not..

We’ve  got you covered.

BDR offers all the benefits of the on premise backup along with the simplicity of bundled secure cloud storage.  Protect  files, databases and applications in both physical and virtual environments and instantly restore them on the cloud in the event of a disaster.

Get up and running in minutes Backup files, servers and virtual environments Instantly restore them on our cloud Recover individual files and emails

It’s all within your reach.