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Our Data Centres

manch_dc1UK only replicated data centers London, Manchester and Leeds.

We only place our hardware infrastructure in data centres which are built to the highest industry standards offering the highest levels of physical and environmental resilience which are protected against fire and power outage.

All our data centres use computerised Building Management Systems (BMS) that monitor and remotely operate sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection and leak detection systems.


Redundant power – To ensure continuous operation, our data centers have access to redundant high-capacity power supplies, scalable for future expansion. Every site provides Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and standby diesel generators capable of supporting the site indefinitely in the unlikely event of a failure of grid-power.
Energy efficient – We take cooling very seriously in our data centres and use a combination of water-based, fully-redundant air conditioning. In addition we use hot aisles/cold aisle designs, or innovate containment solutions for the best cooling.  Energy efficiency has been at the forefront of the design and build of our data centres. Many of our data centres benefit from free cooling systems which enable significant savings when the external ambient temperatures fall below a certain level.


Highly Secure Data Centres Protecting your Business Assets


Strictly controlled access ensures that we have some of the most secure data centre facilities in the industry.

The security of your business-critical data and systems is our primary concern.  To this end, we have a permanent manned security presence at all of our data centres and use multi-layered physical security including a secure perimeter, biometrics and video surveillance.

Entry to each facility is tightly controlled – with strict procedures in place to monitor and control visitor access both into and within the data centre.  Extensive CCTV video camera surveillance is in place across each facility, along with security breach alarms, biometric checks and controlled physical barriers.


Controlled access – Access to the buildings, data floors and individual areas is via individually programmed access cards – using biometrics and visual identification – ensuring secure, single-person entry. Standardised procedures ensure that you and your nominated staff can gain access to your equipment whenever required, day or night.

High security standards – To underline our commitment to security best practice, we have achieved the ISO27001:2005 Security Management standard, which ensures the proper selection of adequate and proportionate security controls to protect all information assets in our data centres.

Our UK data centres are audited by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, the Government authority which provides protective security advice to businesses and organisations across the national infrastructure.