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Admin Capabilities

If you decide to host FileCloud (self host version)  full Administration UI is available which allows system administrators to manage their implementation. The Admin UI allows you to see a snapshot summary of the entire FileCloud system in a dashboard.


The Admin UI gives you information about Total Users, Full Access Users, Guest Access Users, Groups, Managed Files, Network Shares, User Shares. Storage Summary  This provide you with information about Storage allocated to users, Used Space, Unused Space.  Admin UI also allows you to see a summary of your License information including number of accounts, issue date and expiry date.



Manage Users

Manage Users give you information about all the existing users in the system.  Using Filter users you can filter users by name or email. You can edit users storage size, email-id and many more stuffs by clicking on “Edit” next to the user details. Clicking on ” Add User” will enable you to add new users to the list. “Import” will allow to you import a .csv file with user details.


Manage Groups

Manage groups shows the groups currently in the system.  You could create new groups with set of users.


Manage Shares

Manage shares provides you list of files and folder currently shared and who has shared. It helps the admin to centrally monitor and fix any issues if some critical documents were shared by mistake.



FileCloud supports full audit. Audit log data are stored in database. Data in the audit log will answer “Who did what to what data when?”. Administrator can filter the audit log based on Create Date, User and Operation e.g Create New Account, login, upload file, download file, create folder etc.



Admin UI also has a check for new releases and upgrades available.