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The FileCloud install runs under SSL (HTTPS). This ensures all data transmitted on transit is secure.

Mobile Device Management

The latest FileCloud release brings mobile device management capabilities to the Enterprise administrators.  Using FileCloud, your system administrators can get the inventory of mobile devices and their operating systems connected to your FileCloud. It allows admins to block the mobile device as well as send notifications to employees.

Remote Data Wipe

FileCloud Admin tool allows admins to erase the FileCloud data in mobile devices such as iPhones, android phones or tablets. If your users were to lose a mobile phone, admin could remotely wipe the FileCloud data in that device, protecting confidential files.

The following security statements applies to online backup and FileCloud solutions.


Data is stored within the UK at 3 Tier 1 data centres located in London, Leeds and Manchester.  All data centres offer 24 x 7 guarded environments. Nobody other than key personal have access to our online backup infrastructure therefore achieving total physical security.  more information…..



Prior to transfer, data is encrypted to 256bit AES at source against an encryption key set by yourselves (more information regarding 256bit AES encryption can be found at  Once encrypted data is transferred via a secure (https) internet connection to our data centres and stored in the same encrypted state. Nobody other than the end user (Your Company UK) has access to the encryption key and therefore nobody other than the Your Company UK have access to backed up data.

Whilst Mitol Perfect backup have total access to hardware infrastructure we do not and is impossible for us to have access to any client data.


The only organisation who have access to our physical infrastructure is Hewlett Packard.  Hewlett Packard support our infrastructure with visual supervision of a member of Mitol PerfectBackup. At no point does Hewlett Packard have any access to data.

Mitol PerfectBackup never divulge any client information of any nature at all to any other business or organisation.