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Ransomware Continues to Grip Europe

As ramsomware encryption continues to strangle businesses in Europe it has become apparent a point in time backup with a long retention / role back period is now more important than ever.

It is well documented hospitals, homes, small businesses are being caught out and the list continues to grow daily.  One thing is now obvious, due to ever more sophisticated delivery methods, we can’t stop it.  It is more a question of when your data will be encrypted.

So do we just keep paying? The official stance is do not pay the ransom and report the situation to your local authorities, but that doesn’t help you get your data un-encrypted and your business back up and running.  If you haven’t got your data protected, you only have one choice.  Pay up and hope it doesn’t happen again.

Backup is vital, I repeat, backup is vital.  It does not matter to an extent how or where you protect your data, as long as you do it often as possible, securely and with a long enough retention policy which enables you to restore to a date prior to disaster.

The Mitol PerfectBackup solution enables you to automatically backup every hour to a local usb or NAS drive every hour, whilst backing up offsite every night/out of hours.  This process is automatic, allowing you to continue with your desired business duties but enables you to restore data back to 1 hour prior to disaster.

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