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Who Are We?

Mitol PerfectBackup started in 2005 (a pre cloud computing era) as one of the first “online backup as a service” providers in the UK.

We have since expanded our portfolio beyond our online backup solutions and now offer additional cloud services such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange, File Synchronization (Cloud Storage), Anti-Spam and Cloud Servers.   All of our services are based upon high availability, virtual servers, and file sharing and synchronisation technologies.  We are constantly looking to offer and delivering the latest and most advanced market developments.


Mitol PerfectBackup now specialise in cloud IT Business Services tailored for companies, businesses and large organisations.  We assist with the planning, implementation and action of your disaster recovery plan.

Quite simply the technological implementation, deployment and maintenance of your backup & disaster recovery or cloud solution can be taken out of your hands enabling you to concentrate on core business requirements.


Through investment in quality, safety and availability (uptime), we guarantee a perfect functioning IT infrastructure that grows with the needs of your company. Customers can count on a network of ultra-modern data centres, competitive pricing and 24/7 support.

Environmentally friendly entrepreneurship

Mitol PerfectBackup is proud to be making a positive contribution to ensure a better environment.  Our “green” data centres are UK based and are carrier-neutral.  Mitol PerfectBackup will not store data outside of the United Kingdom and endeavours to be  the most environmentally conscious possible.