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Reseller Portal

Using the online client management portal it is very easy to setup and manage your clients backup routines.  It is even possible to change backup settings (source data, schedules etc.) without logging on to your clients server.


Account Creation

Set up accounts when you need them.  Fill in a simple form, press enter, account instantly created and your client can backup straight away.

View Storage Quotas

Set how much storage you want to allocate to each user, easily view on one screen how much storage all clients are using against set quota.

Edit Account Settings

Increase quotas, decrease quotas, add backup modules, manage bandwidth use.  Easy fine tuning of backup accounts can be carried out remotely.

Edit Backup Settings

Remotely edit the backup source, change the schedule backup time, add local backup policy and change network authentication without accessing client server.

Reseller Account Overview

A complete overview of your reseller account, how many clients you have, total storage usage, client backup status and open support tickets.  Everything you need to know on one screen.

Integrated Ticket System

Contact us 24 hours a day by phone, email or support ticket.  View all outstanding and closed support tickets on one screen.